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"Water is the most precious resource on earth"

In many areas of the United States the supply of clean fresh water is becoming scarce. At the same time water treatment plants are being overloaded. Yet everyday each home sends thousands of gallons of graywater to the water treatment plant, graywater that can be safely used to irrigate the landscape of the home. At Gray-2-Green offers components and systems that allow graywater to be collected and used to irrigate the landscape of the home, reducing the demand on the local water supply, family’s water costs, and the load on the water treatment plant. Installing a Gray-2-Green graywater recycling system makes sense for the homeowner, the community, and the environment. Visit our Resource Center! >> Gray Water Calculator >>


How to build a Graywater system on you own... Gray2Green is here to assist you by offering free easy to follow instructions on how to create your very Graywater system.
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Three Way Brass Ball Valve

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$46.50 each

The three way brass ball valve is used to divert the graywater from the landscape to the sanitary sewer. The graywater should be diverted when soiled diapers, bleach, or some other chemical is us

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Interior kit

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$95.55 each

The interior kit contains all the parts needed to complete the inside portion of your L2L Laundry to Landscape system with the exception of the 1" PVC pipe and the PVC glue. Both of these it

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Total Kit

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Laundry to Landscape Total Kit

The Laundry to Landscape (L2L) kit contains most of the components necessary to install an L2L grey water irrigation kit.

There are a few items that wil

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